Dexian Futures

Frequently Asked Questions


Program Overview

What is Dexian Futures?

The Dexian Futures program is dedicated to transforming tech enthusiasts into proficient tech professionals. This program offers training at no cost and equips students with the necessary skills to excel in technology-based roles at our client companies.


How does Dexian Futures stand out from other programs?

Our program's uniqueness lies in its association with Grand Circus, a leading coding bootcamp that has trained over 3,000 individuals in the past decade, and Dexian, a global IT staffing firm with a presence in over 70 locations worldwide. This combination delivers top-notch training and access to vast opportunities within the tech industry, particularly at employers in the Fortune 1,000.


Program Duration and Structure

What are the class options?

We deliver several class options including foundational programs in: C#, Java, JavaScript, and Data Analytics and Engineering with Python. These programs are designed to develop a well-rounded tech professional equipped to be productive on day one of their tech career.

From time to time, this class offering may vary as we cater to the specific technology needs of our clients.


Can I choose which class I take?

You can nominate a class preference, but bootcamp selection will ultimately depend on employer demand in your region. These needs can vary over time and will be thoroughly discussed during the admissions process.


How long is the class?

Class duration will vary depending on the class topic. In our current suite of bootcamps, full-time programs last about three months, while part-time evening programs extend to six months.


Where do the training sessions take place and does it matter where I live?

All training sessions are conducted remotely and live online.

Since our employers typically require employees within commuting distance of their offices, you must live within the metropolitan area of the following cities to qualify: Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Minneapolis and Washington D.C.


What’s it like to take a bootcamp?

A bootcamp can be a rigorous and demanding learning experience

  • Fast-paced Curriculum: Bootcamps are known for their condensed format, and students cover a large amount of material in a short time, which can be both challenging and exhilarating!
  • Practical Skills Focus: The curriculum is designed to teach practical, job-ready skills. This means a lot of hands-on projects, coding exercises, and real-world scenarios to work through.
  • Collaborative: Students will be working alongside peers with similar goals but diverse backgrounds. This collaborative environment fosters a sense of community and support, as students help each other through challenges and projects.
  • Intensive Support: Instructors, teaching assistants (TAs) and program managers (PMs) are very accessible, offering guidance, feedback, and support. Their goal is to help you understand complex concepts and apply them effectively.
  • Portfolio Development: By the end of the bootcamp, you'll complete a final group-based project that can be showcased to potential employers.


Eligibility and Application

Who can apply for Dexian Futures?

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree, some programming experience and live near a participating Dexian office.

When it comes to programming experience we’re looking for evidence of college coursework, self-taught programs with a recognized certificate or work experience. All levels of experience would be viewed favorably by the admissions team!


How does Dexian Futures facilitate employment opportunities?

During the training, participants are paired with a Dexian recruiter. This connection, and subsequent touch points during the program, ensure we find the best possible match to an employer.


What kind of support does Dexian Futures offer during the job search process?

Our comprehensive Career Services begin during the boot camp, preparing participants for the job market with multiple soft skills training, including mock interviews, resume reviews, career counseling, and company insights. Even if a participant doesn't secure a position as a Dexian consultant, our team continues to provide assistance to help them find suitable employment.


What outcomes do you typically see?

Typically, more than 90% of students complete our programs and we see more than 85% of graduates land a tech role after graduation.


What salary can I expect?

Salaries can vary significantly depending on the role, region and employer. As a consultant you are entitled to Dexian-supported benefits.


Program Commitments and Expectations

Will participants receive a salary during the training?

The training program is unpaid. Our full time students can't work during the program, but our after-hours students typically continue in their regular jobs.


What is expected of Dexian Futures students?

We expect our students to actively engage in coursework, maintain academic standards, participate in Career Services programs, and collaborate with Dexian recruiters for job placements. It’s also a requirement of the program that you don’t accept offers from other companies during the boot camp training and the 30-day period immediately after the training completes.


Is there a contractual agreement post training?

Applicants are not required to commit to a multi-year contract like other Recruit-Train-Deploy programs. It is our expectation that applicants will be staffed on long term contracts and either convert to permanent placement after 6 months or 12 months. Participants can also choose to consult indefinitely.

Grand Circus is a virtual coding bootcamp that's been changing lives and careers since 2013. Our grads have landed roles with Amazon, Ford, Rocket Mortgage, and many more top employers. We've partnered with Apple, Google, and Meta to make tech careers more accessible to everyone.

In 2022, Grand Circus was acquired by Dexian and operates as part of the Dexian platform of talent gap solution brands.